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1970's Woman - A Positive Experience

Excerpted from "Retail Therapy" - Voiced by Meghan Perry Okay, so I’m going to tell you the other side of it, the side you don’t usually hear, maybe. I was fourteen. I was fourteen, suicidal, depressed, but why wouldn’t I be? My home life was chaotic. Drinking, screaming, fighting – I hated it. I wanted to run away or die or just drink until I was numb to it.I do not know what possessed my parents, but they committed me to the local psych unit. Maybe they did it to punish me because they sure didn’t care about helping me. The joke was on them, though. I loved it. I loved the way everything ran on a schedule. I loved the group therapy. I loved the one-on-one with my doctor. It was a vacation from the nuthouse at home. Ain’t that hilarious? So, my point is, they weren’t all bad. Not for everyone.

St. Michael's Hospital, GF, ND

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