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Catharine Beecher - 1840s-1850s

Excerpted from "Retail Therapy" - Voiced by Ruby Lamb Castle

Once committed, my physician determined I suffered from “humors of the blood.” My therapy consisted of the following: At four a.m. I was packed in a wet sheet, kept in it for two to three hours, then up and immersed in the coldest plunge bath. Then a walk as far as strength would allow. drink five to six tumblers of the coldest water. At 11 a.m., stand under a douche of coldest water, falling eighteen feet for ten minutes. Then walk and drink three to four tumblers of water. At three pm, sit in a sitz bath of coldest water. Walk and drink at nine pm half an hour in coldest water. Wet bandages kept wet all day . After about a year it was deemed the theory of humors in the blood was on wane.

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